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Never Stood Up

7 1/2 years ago I was stood up…



IHOP… I’d admit, it’s not my favorite place in the world to eat but…it was a date with my dad,
what more could a girl ask for?

(“Beggars” can’t be choosers!)

I was alone in my mom’s apartment, everyone had left because they thought I had plans with Dad. I was on winter break during my junior year of college. Back in LA from Boston.

It was already 11am and he said he would be there to pick me up half an hour ago.

I kept calling and calling, all I could get was his voicemail.

Another half hour, then an hour pass…the voicemails I left started cordial…then they slowly became pretty darn rude.

I was angry. More…


Get Your Hopes Up

It’s interesting how at a very young age we’re taught the lesson: “Don’t get your hopes up.”

Life is full of disappointments. Disappointments in plans, dreams, turn of events, and most of all, disappointment in people.

I recently attended a church service where the Pastor was talking about what it’s like to live an ‘unstoppable life’– one of his points was this concept of “Living Like You’ve Never Been Disappointed.”  He illustrated the point by telling a story about how his 8 year old daughter wanted to go trick or treating but he kept saying to her, “we’ll go if we can.” She came into her office several times asking about it and he would reply with the same answer over and over again. Finally, she came in with tears streaming down her cheeks, her shoulders down, and said, “I guess we’re not going” and walked out.

The revelation that hit him at that time was that the lesson his daughter was beginning to learn at age 8 was “Don’t get your hopes up.”

Not that he’s an advocate of giving his daughter everything she wants, rather, it was a revelation of how we all are in relation to life.

“Don’t get your hopes up” is a very deep-seeded lesson we have all learned early in life. Has life taught you not to get your hopes up too?

Think about it.



Walking in Your God Gap

Everyone is on their way to something. Maybe it’s a dream job or life you imagine yourself having. Maybe it’s finally doing that dream career or job. Maybe it’s a prophetic vision you’ve had spoken over your life before of who you will become and what you will do.

…to deep inside what you know you were created to do.

But you’re not there yet.

We’re always looking forward to something. We’re always on our way to something more.

Singer and leader, Darlene Zschech, once called this time and place distance between where you are today and where you want to be, a “God Gap.”

And we’re all walking in our “God Gap” today. The girl working retail who dreams of owning her own fashion line one day. The woman in Corporate America who dreams of being married and having her own family. The guy making it pay check to pay check who dreams of having his own company. The man who dreams of living abroad and doing mission work. The student with dreams of traveling the world….the list goes on and on. You are walking in a “God Gap” too.

In my article, Writing My Obituary, I discuss what it’s like to get that dream, that vision from God to live a purposeful life. In this article, I want to outline what this “God Gap” looks like, what it looks like to walk successfully through it and my prayer is that it will encourage you in your journey.