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The Beginning is Not the End

As much as we may not want to admit it to ourselves, a lot of us define our futures by our past. Our ends with our beginnings…

…that ‘glass ceiling’ on what we can do and cannot do, what we can and cannot be, what we can and cannot have…

It’s extremely easy to let regret, guilt, mistakes (the feeling that you are “damaged goods“), your childhood, what your parents did or did not do for you, patterns of dysfunction…run the show.

And you can feel stuck. More…


Letting Go(d)

Sometimes we try to keep everything under control. Keep it together. Keep it going.

We try to make things happen and it can be…frustrating and…very tiring.

And things get so…complicated.


What will I do about this situation? How will I handle this? What will I do in the future? How will this work out? I need to try…harder.

We can get mired in the details, the peace gets sucked right out of us and anxiety and deep-seated fear sets in. And we’re weary.

We plan our lives, we play the “what if” scenarios in our heads… and we are not free.

But like all things in the Kingdom of God, there is a ‘tension,’ a divine balance to be made…On one hand, we are to steward faithfully what’s on our plate in this season, we are to strive for excellence and we are to be ‘doers’ of faith…action oriented, advancing forward in partnership with God…

However, what comes first?



My Top 28

(Lake Geneva, Switzerland)


My Top 28

To commemorate my birthday, I thought I’d put together something fun…a piece that outlines the top 28 lessons, revelations and insights (not in any particular order and definitely not comprehensive!) that I’ve learned and gleaned over the years that have really help shape my life.

Along the way, I will also illustrate this article with photos I’ve taken during my many international travels of some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to (so far!)….they represent some of the many places I’ve found much inspiration and soulful joy. Enjoy!



Someday Oneday Mentality



(My visit to world renown Lake Como in North Italy last July 2010– a place many say they wish they can visit someday. Even some Italians.)

Someday… Oneday…

“Someday I’ll go there…. Oneday I’ll do that… I wish…I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do that…You’re so lucky…”

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve spoken to people and hear them use the words “someday” and “oneday” in their dialogue when I’m telling a friend about a recent trip I’ve taken or something I’m working on. And I understand. 

There’s been immeasurable blessing and breakthrough in all arenas of my life in the last few years…and for that I am eternally grateful. It is absolutely undeserved and no doubt, from God! 

However, I would dare to say that there’s something much deeper operating here. It’s not just about getting the big poshy corporate job or accumulating money. It’s not about some people being luckier than others. It’s not about having rich parents or how you look and how much talent you have. And I’m not only talking about money, travel and leisure…

I’m talking about having VISION, POSSIBILITY THINKING, letting yourself DREAM and having the COURAGE to walk towards that dream with God. More…


Writing my Obituary

“Your next homework assignment is to write your obituary,” my personal career coach at Microsoft requested. My reaction?

That sounds fun!

Now, not fun because I’m morbid and think about death a lot. Not fun because our church lost 3 people under the age of 30 in the last year. No…it was fun to me because I knew with more confidence than ever, what my calling was, how all the different parts of my life– past, present…would fit into the future. Not that I knew all the details…what I’ll exactly do next year, where I’ll go, when I’ll get married, how many kids I’ll have, what I’ll be doing career-wise in 10 years, when I’ll retire etc…but I know the big picture. More…